home rentals

So, you think you want to rent a house in Texas? If you do than there a few key items you need to be aware of:

1- Texas is a "landlord" state. What I mean is that the standard lease contracts are skewed to protecting the landlord.

2- Acceptance is not a guarantee. There will be requirements.

3- You are responsible for insidental home maintenance. There is no apartment maintenance man to call to change the AC filter or replace a burnt out lightbulb. 

For more information about your rights as a tenant  click on the link:   TEXAS TENANT'S RIGHTS HANDBOOK


If you are thinking about leasing a house in Texas there are things you can do upfront to eliminate frustration:

1- Complete an application

2- Have last 2 months pay stubs available

3- Have a copy of your drivers license.

4- Know your credit score

5- Craft a letter to your potential landlorddescribing anything that makes your situation unique and would warranty special consideration.

6- Be prepared to pay a non-refundable lease application fee.

7- Do NOT lie.

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